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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 19, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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good luck with the kings this year. i will be proud -- where's my uniform? >> i got you a skateboard, too, just in case. for your sons. maloof skateboard. >> larry: how about that. can you get a close-up of that? is that for me, folks? is this for me? thanks for watching. have a great rest of the weekend. stay tuned for more news on cnn. right now, on cnn, a murder mystery so gruesome, even the details are too much for the jury. now some wonder if the family in this connecticut home invasion could have been saved if police had responded faster. a high school football star collapses on the field. dies at the hospital. the entire texas town is reeling. tonight you'll hear my emotional conversation with the young man's coach. and chances are, if not you, then someone close to you is using illicit drugs. illegal drug use is up this year. which ones top the list, and why. we'll tell you.
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-- captions by vitac -- thanks for joining us. she explored witchcraft. once went on a date to a satanic altar. now she's a nominee in delaware. christine o'donnell, courtesy of a 1999 clip from bill maher and abc's politically incorrect. >> i dabbled in it. i never joined a covenant. >> you were a witch? >> i was a witch. >> how can you be a witch? >> i dabbled in witchcraft. i hung around people who were doing these things. i'm not making this stuff up. i know what they told me they do. >> what do they do? >> on one of my dates -- >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> one of my first dates with a witch was on a satanic altar. i didn't know it. there was a little blood there. >> your first date was a satanic altar? and a sacrifice? >> bill maher showed that clip
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last night on his new program, hbo's realtime. he says he's got more and he's going to keep showing them until o'donnell comes on. she's canceled two appearances on the talk show because her campaign says she has obligations in delaware. john says all of this spells trouble for her campaign. >> there's a reason the libertarian magazine called her a crack pot of the first order. you are seeing a lot of the controversies from her past have come -- are coming out. and they're going to keep coming out in drips and drabs. you may see more about her past talking about guy conversion therapy. this is a real issue for her campaign. a reason a lot of responsible conservatives were concerned about her winning the nomination. not just about electability in the broadest sense, but just about the skeletons in her closet. being a professional conservative activist on a lot of talk shows during the 1990s. so expect more where this comes
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from. >> listen, do you think this clip is the reason she canceled yesterday? i mean, obviously you're not in her campaign. do you think this clip had stg to do with it? >> probably. because she was on a surge, giving a speech at value voters just the other day talking about how, you know, some people out there call us wing nuts. but we represent we the people. getting a positive reception at the valley voters forum. so news that this was coming down the pike is what causes campaigns to go into massive defensive mode. when you're booked for the sunday shows and then you go into retreat, that is a sign of a candidate in panic mode. usually for good reason. >> yeah. well, she's saying she's doing it because she had, you know, some things that were previously scheduled. but then you would wonder why she accepted them in the first place if she had them scheduled. to call people wing nuts and saying we're not wing nuts, that may not bode well. let's talk about bill maher is a comedian. he has a talk show. >> yeah.
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>> so are, you know, jon stewart, right? and steven colbert. what do i make of the thing they're having on october 31st in washington, these rallies? >> the restore sanity rally? i love it. i've long dreamed about the day when people take to the streets and yell, be reasonable. it is a good pushback at some of what we've seen. colbert's competing rally is keep fear alive. which itself is pretty inspired. we're living in a time where sometimes satire is the only way to tell the truth about our politics. because the spin cycle is so insidious, is so extreme. and it also does speak to the way that media's playing a really dominant role in our politics. it is informing the conversation, driving the conversation. this is just another step in that direction. and from my point of view, centrist point of view, independent point of view, that's a hopeful point of view. >> you can look at people, christine o'donnell, the beginnings of the tea party
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movement, what glenn beck did. what's happening now with jon stewart and steven colbert, you can call them outsiders, i guess. do outsiders have more power than in the past? >> absolutely. people are engaged and anxious. because of the economy. and that's good to the extent that it keeps the political establishment on its toes. just today, the fact that mike pence, a conservative congressman, but not somebody frequently mentioned in the top presidential candidates, the fact that he won the values voters straw poll shows a continuum of that attitude. and so that makes it an exciting time. a fluid time. it does reinforce in particular i think the republican party is in sort of warlord status with a lot of competing leaders, but no clear one standard bearer. but if you care about democracy in the deepest sense, in terms of citizens engaging, even if it can be informed by fringe
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groups, which help boil up and stir up the grass roots, that's a good thing. it is good to see outsiders engage our politics. the trick is we've got to make sure we hold all the candidates accountable and keeping them honest. new developments to tell you about out of england tonight. british authorities have freed six men who were arrested on suspicion of terrorism. scotland yard spokesman said the men were released about three hours ago. london police took the men into custody friday, the same day pope benedict xvi arrived in the city. authorities would not say if the arrests were connected to the pope. it is not clear what prompted police to focus on the men. the pope security chose not to make any changes to his schedule. also in london, pope benedict met privately with the sex abuse victims. and earlier in the day, he spoke publicly of the shame within the church during a mass he led in west minister cathedral.
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>> i spexpress my deep sorrow t the innocent victims to the unspeakable crimes. the sacrifice of reconciliation, may bring deep healing and peace to their lives. >> about 80,000 people gathered to support the pope during a prayer vigil in hyde park. protesters oppose the catholic church's stand on gays, women priests and birth control, among other things. the pope wraps us his visit to the uk tomorrow. an american woman is on her way home after spending more than a year captive in iran. sarah shourd was released tuesday. she's one of three american hikers detained by iran after they allegedly crossed over the border from iraq in 2009. she regrets having to leave the others behind. >> i will always associate your
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country with the first breath of my freedom. the sweet smell of sandalwood, and the chance to stand by the ocean listening to the waves. i think the good hospitable people of amman for your support and ask you to please, please extend your prayers to my fiance, shane, and my friend josh. they will soon be free. >> iran agreed to release shourd for medical reasons. she reportedly found a lump in her breast while she was in prison. deadly election day in afghanistan. the country was racked by taliban attacks that killed at least 11 people. still election officials say more than 3.5 million people, 40% of eligible voters, cast ballots for 249 parliamentary seats. counting is expected to take about a month. and even then, the outcome might be in dispute. the election commission is
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already flooded with complaints of irregularities and accusations of fraud. taliban attacks kept 20 polling places from even opening. the gulf of mexico tonight, a crucial pressure test of bp's macondo oil well is set to begin in about two hours. if the cement dumped deep into the well is hopefully holding. the so-called bottom kill is holding. thad allen will have the final word on whether the well is officially dead. if and when he does, crews will pack up and probably be gone in about a week. a husband and father helpless as his entire family is killed. next, hear the frantic 911 call in this case. and why one man says these murders were preventable. drug use in the u.s. is on the rise. we'll take a look at the possible reasons and why. don't just sit there. we want you to be part of the conversation tonight. make sure you log onto facebook and twitter.
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jurors in connecticut are getting a break this weekend in one of the most gruesome murder trials in recent history. a family's home invaded, only one made it out alive. susan candiotti tells us the details are just as shocking now as when it all happened more than three years ago. >> reporter: jennifer hawks-petit nervously asking a bank teller for ransom money to save her family. she had no way of knowing she would be dead within an hour. >> we have a lady who is in our bank right now, who says that her husband and children are being held at their house.
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the people are in the car outside the bank. she's getting $15,000. to bring out to them. if the police are told, they will kill the children and the husband. >> reporter: the 911 call to police was made by the manager inside that bank branch. she told police she saw mrs. petit being driven away by someone else going in that direction. >> she said they've been very nice. and she knows they'll leave after they get the money. >> reporter: suspects joshua and steven hayes did leave. but only police say after allegedly strangling and raping mrs. hawkes-petit and their children. husband michael petit was beaten and tied up in the basement before the house was set on fire. he escaped. the only survivor. nagging questions remain about whether police could have stormed the house and saved the family. >> it is tempting to at least raise questions about the behavior of the police. because they were there, and
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didn't enter while the victims were still alive. >> reporter: a radio log shows patrols notified at 9:26 a.m. about 20 minutes later a call to set up a perimeter before phoning the house. ten more minutes pass, and the suspects bolt. the house is on fire. police call for an ambulance and fire truck. more than a half hour after the first call. security expert tom ruskin defends the small 49-man force, but in hindsight says -- >> you have to take the house immediately. if you knew what you knew today, what was going on then, first officers probably as quickly as they could would have taken that house. >> reporter: we wanted to ask police about what they did that day and why they did it. but because of a court-imposed gag order they told us they couldn't answer our questions, except to say this, that they were confident in what they did, and followed their protocols. >> very emotional.
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>> reporter: during trial this week, dr. petit took the stand. and jurors looked at crime scene photos of the burned remains of his wife and two daughters. >> one juror was crying openly, a female. a male juror i saw wipe a tear away at one point. the jurors who weren't crying were extremely somber. >> reporter: he admits his client's role in the crime in hopes of escaping the death penalty. there was no escaping what happened at this memorial garden where a family's house once stood or questions about whether two alleged killers could have been stopped sooner. susan candiotti, cnn, cheshire, connecticut. >> both suspects in the petit murders are convicted felons who were on parole at the time. the co-chair of the state judicial committee mike lawler said warning signs were clearly missed here. >> well, these two guys, the younger guy is the more dangerous guy. the clearly -- the potential future predator. he had been identified by many
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people in the system, for example, the sentencing judge in his case had said, this guy is a potential killer down the road. but that information never got to the department of corrections. >> how could it not get to the department of corrections? what went on that it didn't go there? >> well, turns out connecticut has this antiquated information system for police and prosecutors and parole officials. they relied on photocopies and the u.s. mail when many other states do this electronically. i think in this day and age that's just not acceptable. in the three years since the tragedy, the governor, the legislature up here made these kinds of changes. in the future this won't happen. clearly in retrospect, this was probably preventable. >> after this crime, connecticut did pass a home invasion law and made reforms to the way the parole board operates. a high school football player collapses on the field and later dies at the hospital. a community is in shock tonight. we'll hear from his coach.
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a check of your top stories. deputies in west odessa, tex as, arrested the man who forced them into a standoff that last nearly 24 hours. it started late friday when the gunman shot two deputies and a civilian who are expected to survive. the odessa american reports victory white set fire to his home which was surrounded by officers. he is now in the hospital with burn injuries. six people were killed on saturday in a crash involving a church van in woodbury, new york. at least four people were rushed to the hospital. two of them are in intensive
1:21 am
care. one of the first firefighters on the scene tells cnn affiliate wnn that the accident was caused by a blown tire. a spokesman for toyota says the car company has settled with two families over a deadly crash. four people were killed last year when their lexus sedan accelerated uncontrolly on a freeway near san diego. lexus is a division of toyota. the company says both parties wish to keep the amount of the settlement private. as part of the deal, toyota is not admitting liability. a community in texas is mourning the death of a high school football star. his name is reginald garrett. he collapsed just moments after throwing a second touchdown in a game on friday night. he was rushed to the hospital, but before the game had even ended, the word reached the sidelines that their friend was dead. dan hooks was garrett's coach, and i spoke with him not long ago from orange, texas.
1:22 am
coach, thank you for being so brave to come on, okay? >> thank you. >> our condolences to you. and your team. and everyone in your town. how are the players taking reginald's death? >> it's devastating. just hard to talk about it. they were all crying and falling out. and, you know, and -- well, you couldn't say anything to comfort them. what are you going to say. you lost a 17-year-old child. and nobody knew what the circumstances were or nothing. it was just really bad. >> tell us what kind of guy reginald was? >> he was a great kid. just a great student. good kid. leader of his team. teammates respected him. and, you know, it's just a great loss to the family, to the community, and the coaching staff. it's got us all in the tank. >> have you had a chance to speak to the family? >> yes, i've talked to his mother and his father. i didn't get to talk to his father, but we're trying to get things arranged, you know, and worked out.
1:23 am
and with the school and everything. we're going to have a meeting tomorrow with the administration. just to see which direction we're going to go. >> coach, this is a story that every community can relate to. there's a high school -- a junior high school and high school not far from my home. i can hear the football games. you know the camaraderie of high school games. everybody can relate to this story. >> reggie was like my boy. and you know, i didn't know what to do. i just stood there. it's like you're seeing a bad -- you know, something bad play out. but it's not real. it's surreal. that's the way it was on that sideline for a long time. then when we got the word that he was officially dead, then the community just -- i mean, it erupted. like the lady said, there was a parking lot at the hospital full of people. and great people supporting the family. and we're just going to have to
1:24 am
regroup and press on. >> coach, i want to ask you, it's been reported reginald had a history of seizures. was there anything to suggest last night that this was about to happen? >> no. i can't document that. somebody says his mother said it. but i didn't question her about that. but he hadn't missed a day of school, i don't guess ever, since i've known him in the 7th grade. he had no history of anything, you know, at least he hadn't shown any signs of any seizures or anything. just a sudden thing. and it caught everybody offguard. >> coach, as we look at this video, you see the other team kneeling. everyone, as you said, was caught offguard by that. you have another game next weekend. has a decision been made whether you'll play it? >> it will be made tomorrow by the administration and coaches. it's going to be kind of difficult because we're going to be going to a funeral next week. and all the other things that go along with it. but if i would say it, i would
1:25 am
probably say we weren't going to. >> dan hooks, reginald garrett's coach. thank you, sir. our thoughts and prayers not only with you, but with the entire community, okay? >> thank you. >> again, the family is preparing for a memorial service sometime next week. we'll keep you updated. it doesn't happen very often, a tornado touches down in new york city. actually, make that two of them. two tornadoes. wait until you hear how destructive they were. and a woman sits on death row, scheduled to be executed next week. our brian todd talks to her as her appeal for clemency is denied. [ male announcer ] let's throw down some style.
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time right now for a cnn equals politics update. we're keeping an eye on the latest headlines on the political ticker. here's what's crossing right now. indiana congressman mike pence wins at the values voter conference in washington. it's considered an early test of possible 2012 presidential candidates. among socially conservative voters. mike huckabee came in second, followed by mitt romney, newt gingrich and sarah palin. alaska senator lisa murkowski is offering a write-in campaign after losing to joe mill early. the tea party express which did a lot of campaigning for miller says this just provokes murkowski doesn't get it. or proves that she doesn't get it. senator jim demint tells cnn
1:29 am
they must keep the promise to the voters or the party is dead. he's calling on his party to unite around common causes. he's angered some in the gop by supporting tea party backed christine o'donnell over mike castle in the delaware senate race. candy crowley will have demint's full interview tomorrow. new york city is still cleaning up from the two tornadoes that struck there late on thursday. thousands of trees were downed by that storm that battered the boroughs of queens and brooklyn. national weather service confirmed new york was hit by not one, but two tornadoes and a microburst. wind gusts of 125 miles per hour. one person was killed in that storm. so, keeping an eye on the hurricane that could wreak havoc on bermuda and another breaking
1:30 am
up and soaking texas and mexico. jacqui jeras joins us now from the cnn headquarters. not good. >> no, it's not good. the problem here is not just that they're going to get hit with a hurricane, but this is a long duration event. bermuda has been dealing with the outer bands of the hurricane. this is the radar from the bermuda weather service. we want to thank them for letting us use their radar tonight. only 20 miles across. these outer bands have already been moving through. as they do, you start to get the increases in the winds. and you'll see those tropical storm force conditions. and this is still more than 24 hours away from landfall likely. so that is, you know, almost two days. a day and a half to two days they're going to be experiencing those strong winds. right now it's a category 2 storm. we're seeing gusts stronger than
1:31 am
that. it will be a close call whether the eye wall will make it onshore. either way, the island will certainly be impacted by this system. because this is a huge hurricane. we're talking the winds extend out almost 700 miles across. so certainly going to be feeling the brunt of that. here's the forecast track to show you where this thing is going to be going. starting to curve on up towards the north. best estimate is that you might get a hit just to the west of the island. but certainly seeing the big battering waves all day long. reynolds wolf is there and he'll have live reports in the morning. stay tuned for that. karl has fizzled out in mexico. this is just an upper-level disturbance that's bringing in a lot of cloudiness and a whole heck of a lot of rain. texas will be affected by this storm from houston all the way down towards brownsville through the weekend. we could see a good three to six inches of rainfall with just the upper-level storm. don? >> jacqui, thank you very much. grandmother sits on death
1:32 am
row tonight in virginia. her appeal for clemency has been denied. brian todd talks to her days before she is scheduled to die. how could this happen. look at that video. that is a toddler right there in that highlighted spot right in the middle. the toddler crawls into traffic. wait until you hear what the baby's mother says about all this and what happened behind it. [ female announcer ] when you're living with bipolar depression...'s easy to feel like you're... ...fading into the background. that's because bipolar depression doesn't just affect you. it can consume you. seroquel xr is one option proven effective
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she didn't pull the trigger, but a 41-year-old grandmother in virginia is about to die for plotting to kill her husband and stepson eight years ago. it's been five years since the woman has been executed in this county. or in this country. cnn's brian todd reports on why some think she should be spared. >> reporter: from virginia's death row, teresa lewis sings for divine intervention. ♪ no miracles yet. virginia governor bob mcdornld refuses to issue a stay of execution for the first woman slated to be put to death in virginia in nearly a century. if the supreme court doesn't intervene, lewis will die by lethal injection next thursday. i spoke with lewis just before the governor's ruling. because of the sensitivity of the case at this point, the questions are limited to just a
1:36 am
couple of predetermined questions for teresa lewis. we're also not allowed to bring cameras into the facility where she's held. we're speaking to her on the phone on death row in virginia. if you could say anything to the governor at this point, what would you tell him? >> i would tell the governor, if i speak to him one-on-one, how sorry i really am for allowing this to happen to two people i loved very much. i wish i could take it back. and i'm sorry for all the people that i've hurt. in the process. >> reporter: lewis pleaded guilty in the 2002 murders of her husband julian and her stepson c.j. in their mobile home in virginia. but lewis herself didn't fire the shots. the two men who did including lead triggerman only got life sentences. the judge called teresa lewis the head of this serpent. but her attorneys say her iq is in the low 70s, near the level of retardation. this esay lewis has dependent
1:37 am
personality disorder making her vulnerable to coercion by others. is it your basic contention she was manipulated into this crime? >> yes. shalenberger has stated and the experts that have examined her agree that she was being used by shalenberger, not the other way around. >> reporter: shalenberger had an affair with teresa before the killings. he said the only reason he slept with lewis is so she would give me the insurance money she inherited after the murders. matthew later committed suicide in prison. on the idea that lewis was manipulated, prosecutor david grimes says this. >> i can frankly say that teresa lewis is as evil a person i've ever met. >> reporter: grimes said his investigation showed lewis herself took an active role in the plot, that she connived, manipulated everyone from her late husband to her lover to her children. and he says tests his side conducted contradict those which
1:38 am
indicated she's near retardation. >> her functioning ability is way beyond that. >> do you think she was faking? >> she certainly wasn't, as one of the experts said, she wasn't motivated to score high on those tests. roar lewis' attorney said the contention she's faking a low iq is silly. he said one expert specifically tested to see if she was faking that, and found she wasn't. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> also tonight on cnn, the pope meets face-to-face with sex abuse victims. what he told an audience in great britain, and why so many were upset by his visit. later, drug use in america is on the rise again. we'll tell you one of the theories why. like chicken teriyaki with water chestnuts. it steams to perfection in minutes, giving the fresh flavors and textures of a homemade meal. marie's new steamed meals. it's time to savor.
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time for your top stories right now. pope benedict expressed "deep sorrow to victims of clergy sex abuse." he made the comments inside the west minister cathedral. he met with five abuse victims and held a prayer vigil in hyde park. some opposed the church's stand on gays and birth control among
1:42 am
other issues. in afghanistan, more than 3.5 million people cast ballots for parliament today. at least 11 people were killed. counting should take about a month. complicating the process, of course, the election commission has already been flooded with complaints of irregularities and allegations of fraud. a crucial pressure test of bp's macondo oil well in the gulf of mexico is set to begin at midnight eastern time. if successful, it means cement pumped deep into the well today is holding the so-called bottom kill. thad allen will have the final word on whether the well is officially dead. for nearly 40 years, the federal government has asked people in every state if and how much they use illegal drugs. well, this year the national survey on drug use and health isn't the worst researchers have seen, but it is worse than last year. cnn's jeanne meserve reports
1:43 am
that drug use is up. >> reporter: illegal drug use is higher than it has been in a decade. according to a new government survey, usage among americans 12 and over rose from 8% in 2008 to 8.7% in 2009. with an upswing in the use of ecstasy, methamphetamines and particularly marijuana. among teenagers, marijuana use jumped from 6.7% in 2008 to 7.3% in 2009. still less than it was in 2002. >> young, heavy marijuana users are much more likely to report getting ds and fs than as and bs, are more likely to be in trouble with the law with crimes like theft. >> reporter: it shows a change in the attitude toward teen's attitude toward marijuana. the nation's drug czar said
1:44 am
fewer teens see marijuana as dangerous because of media coverage of current policy debates. >> absolutely cannot rule out that this constant discussion of so-called medical marijuana, marijuana legalization and the downplaying of marijuana harms that is prevalent in the media. >> reporter: with california voting in november on a ballot measure legalizing marijuana, that debate has picked up tempo. earlier this week, former heads of the drug enforcement administration urged the obama administration to take a strong stand against the measure. but supporters of legalized marijuana say the new survey numbers illustrate the failure of current government policy criminalizing marijuana. >> we need a legal regulated marijuana market. >> will that lead to less teen use for marijuana? >> it has for alcohol and tobac tobacco. >> the rate of alcohol and tobacco use stayed essentially the same the last year. the other trends?
1:45 am
abuse of prescription drugs is up. use of cocaine has declined 30% since 2006. >> wow, 30%? >> yeah. >> cocaine used to be a drug, especially on wall street when people were doing well. so what's the reason behind the drop in cocaine use? could it be money, the economy? >> well, at this press conference, officials said what they thought the reason was education. simply that people had become more aware of the hazards, particularly of crack cocaine, and that was leading more people to stay away from it. >> thanks to cnn's jeanne meserve. all year we've introduced to remarkable everyday people who are changing the world. in just one week, we will reveal our top ten for 2010. let's check in with our 2009 hero of the year to see how the recognition has transformed his life and helped him expand his extraordinary work. >> the cnn hero of the year is
1:46 am
efron penaflorida. from the slums of the philippines to the stage of the kodak theater in hollywood, efron has come a long way. >> we are the change that this world needs to be. mabuay. >> for 12 years efron and his team of volunteers have pushed their mobile classrooms through the streets of their neighborhoods teaching kids who never make it to school. but after being named 2009's cnn hero of the year, efron became a national hero. >> this is really overwhelming. >> upon his return, philippine president gloria arroyo presented him with one of the country's highest honors. one year later, the push cart classroom model has been replicated more than 50 times across the philippines and inspired the construction of an ed skags center funded in part by the cnn heroes grant.
1:47 am
>> they see us as a symbol of poverty, but now they see a push cart as a symbol of hope and education. >> he's had his story told in six countries and languages. a young man in the slums has turned the attention of a nation toward a common dream. >> my fellow filipinos, they're heroes inside them. >> thank you. >> i want to tell you that next thursday we will be announcing the year's top ten heroes on at 1:00 p.m. that's when you can vote online for the cnn hero who inspires you the most. all ten will be honored on thanksgiving night, hosted by anderson cooper. but only one will be named cnn hero of the year. using hip-hop to heal. it could be the latest tool for mental health professionals. we'll explain. and this one got us all
1:48 am
talking. a half-ton gator, and the 115-pound woman who bagged that beast. the smell of freshly juiced wheat grass and hand pressed shirts. whatever scents fill your household, purina tidy cats scoop helps neutralize odors in multiple cat homes. purina tidy cats scoop.
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in tonight's "what matters," the mental health profession is being pushed into a bold new direction called hip-hop psycholo psychology. for the past three days, hip-hop psychology was the focus of a symposium at vanderbilt university. i spoke with two grad students behind it. so here's the thing. it sounds good. but it is unconventional in the sense it's not freudian, right? you're not laying on a couch, what have you. and listening to someone with a
1:52 am
notepad. how is that going to accomplish anything? both of you can respond to that. you first, lauren. >> well, the thing is that we're actually very firmly based in traditional science. and clearly we're in master's programs now and pursuing our ph.d.s in psychology. so we meet that with our artistic background. the whole idea behind hip-hop s psychology is to create an experience for a client, through which they can evoke and feel and express their own emotions. and ultimately create some sort of artistic peace. that actually is very expressive and authentic to themselves. >> go ahead. >> and to communicate that way rather than just through -- just through other methods. >> yeah, i think, you know, we don't even get into the conversation of which is better or which is worse. that's not what we're here to
1:53 am
talk about. >> no, what i'm asking you about is how it works. that's not what i want you to debate. usually you lay on a couch and you tell your problems and someone will ask you a question, they think it's going to wake up something, or awaken something from your long-lost childhood and it's going to help you. i'm asking you more about the process. >> i think it's about emotional expression. and what we're here to do is really to create another option. and to really enhance a clinician's toolbox and add other tools to their toolbox. we're here really to create other options among the other options that already exist. one person who knows the healing power of professional counseling is l.a. laker ron artest. now he's encouraging people to speak up about the issues that bother them. a mother has explaining to do for sure.
1:54 am
take a look at this. a toddler goes crawling right onto a busy street. you can see traffic going by, whizzing by. how one man saved this little guy. ♪ [ female announcer ] good friends never run out of things to talk about... and during endless shrimp at red lobster, you can keep the conversation going over endless servings of your favorite shrimp. from classics like garlic shrimp scampi and decadent shrimp pasta... to new creations, like crunchy parmesan shrimp. our best value of the year, endless reasons to get together. during endless shrimp, right now at red lobster.
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time to try to catch you up on some of the news you might have missioned throughout the week. we call it news you missed. a 13-foot alligator, nothing to mess with, right? but no one told a massachusetts woman who came to the swamps of south carolina to bag one. she hooked into the 900-pound animal with a fishing rod. the battle was epic. the gator outweighed her by nearly eight times and could have swallowed her whole. she plans to have the car cuss stuffed probably because no one would believe it otherwise. die-hard sports fans often carry their passion to the grave. football club songs they say are the most requested music at funerals. but not now.
1:58 am
the catholic church they're saying they're not going to do it anymore. the archbishop of melbourne banned everything except church hymns at the funeral mass. it means no romantic ballads, pop or rock songs, political songs, football club songs, none of it. the church says those are more appropriate at a wake or memorial service separate from the mass. the fountain on locust is not a big place. you've been there. you know that. it's an old-fashioned ice cream parlor and soda fountain in downtown st. louis. it's got the best bathrooms in america. that is according to online voting in an annual competition. fountain on locust had serious competition around the u.s. the hand-painted art deco and de core made it the top crowd pleaser among restrooms. so now you know.
1:59 am
a bizarre twist in a colorado wildfire that wiped out 166 homes near boulder around labor day. investigators say it started in a fire pit in someone's yard. our affiliate kusa reports that that pit belongs to a 20-year-old veteran of the area's volunteer fire department. kusa says the man did a legal controlled burn several days earlier to get rid of brush on his property. this is the most talked about video all day. in southern turkey, a very close call for a toddler who wandered into a busy street. a little boy and his mother apparently had taken refuge in nearby bushes just to take a nap and she didn't notice when he woke up, and then he crawled away. fortunately, though, an alert truck driver stopped, stopped traffic, until the mother could retrieve her baby. can you imagine? just look at that baby playing in traffic and the mom, she's asleep, didn't know what happened. again, that's the


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